Annabel Muis
Professional Development

Kuranda, Far North Queensland

What do you bring to Reiki Australia?
A Reiki practitioner since 1989, my non-Reiki work included organisational training and development. In Reiki Australia I help identify and design development opportunities for people who want to extend their personal/spiritual Reiki practice to become professional treatment practitioners.

Why did you get involved with Reiki Australia?
To contribute to ensuring that practitioners providing public Reiki treatments have knowledge and skills to create a safe and nurturing healing space for their clients and themselves. I’m still involved after fourteen years because I value Reiki Australia’s professionalism.

Who is the real Annabel?
I’m a 'bushy' at heart, so on our two-acre property, we encourage wild wallabies to visit and hang out.

Meet Annabel
Alan White

Sandringham, Victoria

Alan is a member of the Reiki Australia Board but he also looks after our Research library. Research into Reiki is a key area of our strategy and is an invaluable resource to our members. If you read or discover any areas of Reiki research you feel may be of interest to the Reiki community then do get in touch with Alan. You can find his full profile and contact details under the 'Our Board link.

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