A New National Code of Conduct applies to Reiki practitioners
A new National Code of Conduct has been introduced for health care workers, including Reiki practitioners who treat members of the public. 

The Code is the outcome of national consultation in which industry stakeholders, including Reiki Australia, participated.  The final report notes that the vast majority of health workers practise in a safe, competent and ethical manner.  However, there is a small portion of workers whose conduct represents a risk to the public, and the new measures aim to extend the powers of health commissioners to hear complaints against such practitioners, and where appropriate, remove their right to practice. 

How do the new mandatory Codes effect Reiki practitioners?
• If your Reiki practice is solely personal practice,and you only provide Reiki treatments for yourself, and those in your close circle, like family and friends, then you don't need to change anything.

• If you are a Reiki Australia Accredited Reiki Treatment Practitioner (ARTP) member, all you need do is display each of the following at your place of practice:
- the new National Code of Conduct
- information about how clients can make a complaint to the health commissioner or ombudsman in your state or territory
Download the National Code of Conduct.

Reiki Australia's member directory displays a badge distinguishing ARTP members.  These members meet the standards of conduct and practice required by the National Code of Conduct.  

• If you are a Reiki practitioner, or a Reiki master who offers treatments to the public, we recommend that you read the Codes to ensure your capacity to comply. Reiki Australia will be offering two training modules, Applied Reiki Treatment Practice 101 - (ARTP 101)  to bridge the gap for Reiki practitioners who want to ensure they have the required work skills to meet the new standards. Contact our office to register your interest in Module 1 and 2.  Compliant Reiki Australia practitioner members can upgrade to ARTP category.   

Do I need to belong to a Reiki Association to comply with the Code of Conduct?
It's not necessary to belong to a Reiki Association.  However, the Code requires practitioners to ensure appropriate insurance, and Reiki Australia has negotiated attractive insurance packages for our members.  So, membership could save you money, as well as providing Reiki community connection and helping you stay in touch with important industry news. Learn more about Reiki membership and Reiki insurance.

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