Bringing Reiki to US Military veterans
Here is a lovely heart-warming story about the benefits of Reiki for US military veterans.  Who knows, it might find its way to an Aussie war veteran suffering PTSD, who's looking for ways to support themselves.

The Midwest Reiki Community
was invited to participate in "Stand Down",
an event run by US DVA for homeless veterans, on June 21st and 22nd 2013. Volunteers gave short Reiki treatments to 90 veterans, many of whom suffer PTSD, and it was incredibly well received. The experiences of veterans and Reiki practitioners are featured in a YouTube video.

The words of one vet who received Reiki are especially touching 'If we would've had this type of 'technology' before we went to war, nobody'd want to fight".

Read the Midwest Reiki Community blog "Hands to Hearts: Bringing Reiki to US military veterans"

Reiki Australia shares their hope that Veteran's Affairs departments everywhere, will begin to recognise the value of Reiki for combat veterans suffering PTSD and other mental and physical health problems.

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