Dementia patients benefit from Reiki

The healing touch of Reiki is bringing comfort to residents with dementia at the Villa Maria’s O’Neill aged care facility in Prahran, Victoria, thanks to a recently introduced,  innovative program.

News of the successful program has travelled fast with Channel 7 featuring a story in it's new hour, 11th March

A number of other publications are soon to release an interview with the practitioner, Annemiek van de Kamp who is a member of Reiki Australia.

At O’Neill, Annemiek visits six residents on a weekly basis for 1 hour sessions.  The results have been “quite remarkable” says Annemiek. “The aim is to relieve pain and anxiety and to enhance residents’ wellbeing as much as we can. I’m not curing, but promoting wellbeing and happiness. Residents really enjoy the social interaction and feeling connected.”

Villa Maria Residential Services General Manager Carolyn McColl has said “We are always open to any types of safe and gentle therapies which can improve the quality of life of our residents in each of our three aged care facilities”

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