Dr Mehmet Oz says 'Try Reiki'

The global Reiki community is still relishing the exposure received by well known cardiothoracic surgeon and popular TV host, Dr Mehmet Oz. Oz declared Reiki his: “Number one alternative medicine secret” on his program of January 6, 2010.

Dr Oz was clearly enthusiastic, "Reiki is one of my favourites, we've been using it for years in the Oz family, and we swear by it."

There was a demonstration of Reiki by Pamela Miles, a Reiki master and well-respected pioneer in the field of collaborative work in conventional health care settings. Pamela has assisted Dr Mehmet Oz in the operating theatre by providing Reiki treatment to cardiac surgery patients.

Pamela is an expert in bridging the language barrier between the medical community and complementary therapies such as Reiki. For this reason Reiki Australia brought Pamela to Australia as a key note speaker and workshop facilitator at our 2006 National Reiki Conference.

Although, the segment on the Dr Oz Show was very brief and quite sensationalised, Pamela was able to emphasise that Reiki is a balancing practice and that rather than addressing symptoms, Reiki will influence the person’s overall system towards balance.

Reiki and it's benefits are the subject of increasing coverage by the popular media. Only a few months ago Reiki was featured on the popular Australian morning TV show, “Sunrise”, and Reiki Australia Director, Sharron Mackison, was a guest presenter in the special segment on Complementary Medicine.

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