Dr Ranga Premaratna - CD's Available Now

Reiki Australia is delighted to announce the long awaited recordings of Dr Ranga Premaratna’s presentations at the 2006 National Reiki Australia Conference ‘Reiki - Touching Lives’

Those of you who attended the conference would remember the presentations by Phyllis Lei Furumoto, Lineage Bearer of Usui Shiki Ryoho, and Dr Ranga Premaratna, Lineage Bearer  of Reiki Jin Kei Do.  Each spoke about their journeys with Reiki and about the lineages they lead.

Perhaps you already own the Reiki Australia recordings of Phyllis’s two presentations – and have found her talks interesting and informative.

And now you are invited to add Dr Ranga Premaratna's talks at the conference to your Reiki resource collection.

This wonderful 2 CD set is available at the early-bird price of $35 for Reiki Australia members and $40 for non-members. After 24th September the members’ price will go up to $39 and the non-members’ price to $45, so this advance price is a good reason to order your set now – and even possibly extra sets, as gifts for Reiki friends.

On disk 1 Ranga describes growing up in a multigenerational family where meditation, respect and honouring tradition were part of everyday life. He tells how he found Reiki, and describes meeting his teacher – a fascinating story in itself!

On disk 2 Ranga tells some more Reiki stories and relates the history of Reiki Jin Kei Do. He also explains some ways Reiki Jin Kei Do differs from ‘western’ forms of Reiki.

Regardless of your own Reiki lineage, you are sure to find Ranga’s experience and memories interesting.

Please contact the Reiki Australia office to order the CDs.

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