Experiencing worldwide connection
Have you ever wondered what it might be like to participate in a Reiki Australia hosted Reiki Share Day? While our organisers adhere to some basic guidelines and are a part of a supportive team, they all express their individuality freely when it comes to setting the ambience for the day.

This story comes to us from one such organiser, Robyn James about the recent Moranbah Reiki Share Day held on 21st June. This was a special event as the organisers, Sharon Lindsay, Robyn James, chose their date to coincide with the 8th World Reiki Wave, an initiative of Reiki Master, Johannes Verheijden.

By contrast to the previous Moranbah Reiki Share Day, this was a small group of only seven and as most of us have experienced - everything ends up being just right when Reiki is involved. This small group shared a strong bond on this day.

After sharing Reiki early in the day the group were feeling grounded, connected and focused. A short break followed and participants then were ready to join the World Reiki Wave at 12 noon for half an hour. "We felt ready to receive from NZ and to add to that energy and send it on its way across the world. Individually, we spoke about the Reiki wave, what it meant for each of us to be involved, the engagement of our family, friends and contacts on our list of names and we set intents for our healings for today and going forward." says Robyn.

An energetic circle was formed, which was held and supported throughout the wave by Sharon, Robyn and Laurelle. During this period of silence, participants sent distant Reiki, holding hands once more toward the end and focusing on animals, the environment and world peace.

The group then enjoyed a delicious social lunch, drew the raffles, and spent some time discussing the recently accredited qualification, Certificate IV in Reiki Treatment Practice. As a final ceremony the group formed a circle around a campfire, and symbolically gave last thoughts and healings before placing their lists on the campfire and offering them to the universe.

Later, as Robyn reflected on the group's experience of participating in the Reiki Wave, she said "The healing was very intense, energy was amazing and time passed so quickly. Just before we closed, there was a long, loud 'Aark, Aaark, Aaaaaark' from a Crow sitting in the trees just outside - which appeared to be an immediate acknowledgement of our efforts or a heralding that time was almost up - but also reminding us that we were sending this energy from Australia right around the world."

Drop by the Events page of our website to see if there is a Reiki Australia hosted Reiki Share Day near you. You will be welcomed by a lovely group of people, all at different stages of their own Reiki journey, looking forward to meeting you! http://www.reikiaustralia.com.au/events
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