From Curiosity to Core

Interview with Reiki master and practitioner Sharron Mackison

A brief experience of Reiki at the end of a massage more than two decades ago ignited a curiosity which led Sharron Mackison to take a first level Reiki class with Beth Gray in 1990.

In a recent radio interview with Phyllis Furumoto, Sharron describes how her Reiki practice was initially experienced on the periphery of her life.  As the years went by Reiki moved ‘closer and closer’ to the core of her life where Reiki now has a constant , personal, professional and community expression.  Sharron is a founding member and past director of Reiki Australia and she continues to contribute at an executive level.  

Her professional treatment practice began almost from the start of her Reiki journey.   With thousands of Reiki treatments behind her, Sharron shares with listeners some touching and amazing experiences. Experiences which initially challenged Sharron’s logical mind and provided an opening to the mystical aspects of her Reiki practice.

It was the challenges that she experienced as a ‘young in practice Reiki master’ that has informed Sharron’s deep appreciation for Reiki community connection and a long held vision to provide mentoring support for Reiki masters who, for whatever reason, are feeling disconnected or struggling with their Reiki lineage or practice.

To listen to the interview click here


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