Grace Gawler, Reiki Australia Patron, featured on ABC Radio 17 June 2010

"What is it that helps people heal?  What is it that helps people recover?" These are the central questions driving Grace Gawler's establishment of an exciting new centre.

Grace Gawler is Reiki Australia’s Patron and Australia’s foremost expert on supportive care for people effected by cancer and other life challenging conditions. 

Grace was interviewed on Gold Coast ABC Radio on 17th June about her exciting new project which focuses on bridging the gaps in cancer treatment between mainstream medicine and complementary and alternative therapies.

Grace talks about the importance of using an approach that safely endorses both systems.  “The middle ground is where clients that I’ve worked with actually find the greatest levels of success”

A new centre on the Gold Coast’s aptly named Hope Island, has been made possible through the generous gifting of a trust to Grace.  This centre will provide both public and practitioner education and a breast cancer support group will be starting up very soon.

You can hear Grace Gawler in person on July 4th on the Gold Coast, Qld, where she will be guest speaker at the Reiki Australia hosted Reiki Share Day.  For full details visit the Events section of this website, or contact the Reiki Australia office.

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