Interview with Australian Reiki clinic founder and supervisor

Eileen Chapman is one of Australia’s earliest practitioners to establish a Reiki treatment clinic under the auspices of a community service facility. In 1992 Eileen Chapman founded the Reiki clinic at Windana Drug and Alcohol Withdrawal and Assessment Centre in Mebourne. As increasing numbers of clients sought Reiki healing at the clinic, Eileen drew upon her experience as a Shiatsu practitioner, educator, and clinical practice supervisor to create and implement a mentoring program to support the Reiki volunteers and the clients they treated. Since then, this highly successful program has delivered thousands of Reiki treatments.

Eileen, a Reiki Australia member, who has now retired from public practice,  spoke with Phyllis Furumoto about her role, experiences and learning as the Founder/Supervisor of the Reiki Clinic at Windana. Through the years, Eileen has gained extensive knowledge of how Reiki works in these delicate and fragile human situation. 

Research papers co-authored by Eileen Chapman

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