Interview with Lynette Kirkman, executive director of Reiki Australia

Lynette Kirkman came to Reiki in 1985 by Marta Getty who was teaching in Australia. She was initiated as a Master in 1989 by Marta. In her years of practicing Reiki, she has maintained a strong public practice and has played a key role in establishing Reiki Australia, a national organization which has initiated the move towards establishing national standards in Australia for practitioners sharing Reiki in public healthcare and community settings.

Ten years ago her personal Reiki practice led to a move from her initial form of practice to another form. This shift in her Reiki life has been done clearly and with great thought. Her shift brings up some questions, “Are all Reiki forms of practice alike? Do they go to the same place inside the student? How to know what is a whim or resistance and what is a calling? Was this a spiritual decision or calling?” Listen in to Lynette’s candid and thoughtful responses.

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