Is Reiki Practice energy work?
In this article, a skeptic turned enthusiast shares how Reiki treatment, provided by a professional practitioner, has helped her family.

The article has generated lively discussion on Pamela Miles' Reiki, Medicine and Self-Care Facebook page. Comments were overwhelmingly positive, and many people raised thoughtful issues, about the inclusion of non-Reiki practices in professional treatments, and whether Reiki should be identified as "energy work" or is it better described as a practice that is more like meditation or yoga.

Reiki Australia does not have a rule about whether practitioners may or may not incorporate additional practices into a professional treatment, instead, the matter is addressed by the Code of Professional Conduct which requires the practitioner to get proper consent for what they plan to do.

Whether Reiki should be identified primarily as "energy work", or "energy healing" or something else, seems a hot topic.  Reiki Australia's position is that Reiki fundamentally differs from "energy work" or "energy healing", and that it is not a sub-class of higher order energy work or energy healing.

Click here to read the full article published in the Fredrick News Post, a regional newspaper in U.S.
Click here to read the post on Pamela Miles' Reiki, Medicine and Self-Care page, along with many interesting comments that it attracted, including one from a Reiki Australia member, Sharron Mackison, along with Pamela's response to her comment.

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