Making a Difference - Reiki in hospice

Reiki Australia volunteers head up a team of Reiki practitioners delivering treatments to Palliative Care nurses in a Victorian Hospice.

Once a week, a team of volunteers provide short Reiki treatments to support the nursing staff of the Palliative Care Unit attached to the public hospital of Frankston in Victoria.

This successful project was initiated by Jim Frew, a Reiki Australia master member who has worked for seventeen years as a patient care volunteer with Peninsula Home Hospice, also based in Frankston. Jim has long recognised the positive influence Reiki can have on the wellbeing of nursing staff and indeed, on the whole energy of their working environment.

Jim says of the project’s success:

‘We are attracting nursing staff members including some that are new to Reiki, admin staff, and even some registrars, and the comments from all staff are so enthusiastic and appreciative. Some are ‘blown away’ by the experience of 15 minutes of Reiki.’

Roster manager, Di Howarth, an accredited practitioner with Reiki Australia, coordinates the team of 15 volunteers who are each rostered once or twice a month. Each volunteer is given a supervised introduction by either Jim or Di so that responsibilities and boundaries are understood.

Since Reiki is not being provided to the patients, the many medical protocols and insurance issues do not arise. Volunteers enter the unit as would any other visitor. In this project, the majority of volunteers are lay Reiki practitioners and this has given the volunteers valuable experience in using Reiki beyond the family environment.

Jim believes for these reasons, similar projects could be duplicated in other hospitals. (Read how by opening the link to Jim's article below.)

“After all” says Jim, “there are so many hospitals and nursing homes where staff work under great pressure, and sharing Reiki with them doesn’t bring up medical issues as would be the case with patients.”

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