Master storyteller shares his path with Reiki

Jim Frew is approaching his 23rd year with Reiki and describes himself as ‘An ordinary person with an extraordinary gift’. Reiki has brought all kinds of extraordinary experiences and people to his path.

Jim took his first level of Reiki in 1989, at the ripe age of 54 when Reiki was ‘fashionable’. By 1991 he had established a second career and had a flourishing teaching and treatment practice.

Jim, who has been a Reiki Australia member since the organisation's foundation, was recently interviewed by Phyllis Furumoto on her weekly radio program. The theme for the program was ‘Let Reiki teach you’ –the famously quoted words of Hawayo Takata.

Jim certainly has had many unusual experiences with Reiki. He describes his most amazing teaching experience as a Reiki class that he taught with 2 other masters at Pentridge prison in Melbourne.

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