NSW introduces new rules for practitioners treating children
From May 1st  all self-employed people in NSW who work directly with children, in an unsupervised capacity,  must have a Certificate for Self Employed People.

The Certificate helps you to demonstrate that you do not have criminal records that prohibit you from working with children.  The new legislation also helps parents, carers and employers to make a better decision about who will work with their children.   Reiki practitioners who work under supervision, of parent, or other suitable person, will not need a certificate.  However, self employed Reiki practitioners who treat children or young people will want to consider the impact on the therapeutic relationship of requiring a parent to be present during treatment of clients who are up to 18 years in age.  Practitioners can obtain more information about their obligations by contacting the NSW Commission for Children and Young People 
(02) 9286 7219.

Get information about NSW Commission for Children and Young People

Get information about applying for your Certificate for Self Employed People

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