Reiki as a healing option for mental wellbeing

The Prince Charles Hospital Consumer Advisory Group (CAG), which supports people experiencing mental health issues, invited Reiki Australia to be on hand to offer visitors a first hand experience of Reiki at a World Mental Health Day event at Zillmere Community Centre, Brisbane on October 2009.

The Family Fun Day was aimed at reducing stigma and raising awareness of Mental Health. The theme of ‘Be Active Get Connected and Stay Involved’ was intended to promote an understanding of mental wellbeing. The day was co-ordinated by Sharon Stocker, Chair of CAG and a member of Reiki Australia.

Prior to the event, executive director Lynette Kirkman and director Sharron Mackison gave a talk about Reiki to the Consumer Advisory Group and approval was granted to showcase Reiki as a helpful option for people suffering mental illness, and their carers.

The Fun Day was a huge success for all and the team of practitioners who participated, Coralea Mackison, Janelle Bray, Lynette Kirkman, Melissa Lynch and Sharron Mackison were booked solidly for the duration of the event, providing over 40 children and adults with a safe and nurturing experience of Reiki.

Musical Director for the event, Terry Bush, pictured above receiving Reiki treatment has given permission for his experience of Reiki healing to be published here.

The day was drawing to a close and the packing up was well underway. Reiki Australia volunteers were completing their last treatments when event organiser, Sharon Stocker, requested a special favour. She explained that despite recent surgery, musician, Terry Bush, had been passionate to present the musical content for this event, and helpers did everything they could to support his decision. However, the physical effort involved, even without lifting equipment, had taken its toll. Now Terry was in a great deal of pain, and he had asked Sharon if she could find some help.

Sharon brought Terry to the Reiki treatment area, limping, with cane in hand, and the anguish of pain breaking through his smile. Terry hauled himself onto the table as he told his story - his right hip had been replaced only eight days ago, and unfortunately, it had left him with the left leg one inch longer, and he had yet to get corrective orthotics. After being on his feet much of the day, both hips were hurting badly.

Terry talked constantly for the first few minutes of the treatment, then became quiet. After a while he broke the silence, "The pain's going", then a little while later, said "there's no pain" and he began to breathe very deeply and restfully.

After the treatment Terry edged himself off the table. He found to his surprise and gratitude, that he was able to walk steadily, without the assistance of his cane; and he was miraculously without pain.

Event Organiser, Sharon Stocker sent this message to us the day after Terry's Reiki treatment.

"I'm unsure who gave the Reiki - however; please understand I am thankful for this touch that was given. The feedback I received was that he didn't need to take any type of medication to ease his pain; and he was in a lot of pain before the Reiki treatment. Thank you so much for all your giving."

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