Reiki: Balancing Form and Essence

Join Phyllis each week for a stimulating hour as she shares her message of Reiki, a balance of form and essence.

As a host for this program, she is not acting as the spokesperson for Usui Shiki Ryoho or Usui System of Natural Healing as it is also known, but rather as a voice of experience and understanding of Reiki, Universal Life Energy, and Reiki, a form of practice that allows the student to have a conscious and structured relationship with this energy.

The first show, titled “What is Reiki, the energy and the practice?” went to air on July 12th 2007 and the second, “What does the Reiki kanji tell us” at 1pm Thursday July 19th (Pacific Time). Aussies wanting to hear the broadcasts live will need to go to the website 7th Wave Network on Friday mornings at 6am ( Australian Eastern Standard Time). The episodes are repeated 12 hours later (6pm AEST). You may also download previously broadcast interviews from the archives.

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