Reiki supporting cancer patients, featured on ABC National Radio Health Report, 10th May 2010

There's some wonderful cancer patient support - including Reiki - happening in Perth at SolarisCare Centre in Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital. Norman Swan, presenter of the weekly ABC Radio National's The Health Report, visited the centre and spoke with patients, volunteers and staff to learn how complementary therapies are used alongside high tech treatments.

Norman Swan spoke with Dr David Joske (pictured with his John Curtin medal* awarded in 2005) whose encounter with a patient inspired him to learn more about how patients were helping themselves with complementary therapies. Dr Joske, Head of Haematology, Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, went on to investigate many supportive practices and therapies and to establish SolarisCare.

Now you can hear how SolarisCare Centre is going by listening at time of broadcast, or by downloading the podcast or transcript of the program. But hurry! The audio and transcript are available for a limited time.



*  The John Curtin Medal is awarded by Curtin University of Technology to people who have made a significant contribution in their chosen field in Australia or internationally and who have exhibited John Curtin's qualities of vision, leadership and community service.

(Those of you who attended the 2006 Reiki Australia Conference might remember hearing David Oliver, coordinator for SolarisCare Centre, speak about providing information and support, and access to safe, supervised complementary therapies.)

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