Reiki in Hospice

"Last Rites" SBS TV
In a lively debate broadcast on SBS, INSIGHT host, Jenny Brockie talked to people facing death and to those supporting them. Dr Rev. Ian Mavor, Executive Director for Hopewell Hospice Services on the Gold Coast, Queensland, took part in the discussion.

INSIGHT’s film crew visited Hopewell and the episode included filming of Reiki sessions in progress, and interviews with clients about their experience. One panelist, described the peace that mother had found at Hopewell. Her plea for “a Hopewell community in every suburb” was met with strong audience agreement.

Directors of the Hopewell Centre Services, Ian Mavor and Dierdre Hanna were amongst a number of experts who collaborated with Reiki Australia technical writers to develop specific competencies required to care for people who are in the dying phase of their life. The module, HLTCOM509A Provide services for people with a life challenging illness, was endorsed in the 2007 Health Training Package, and has been uptaken as an elective in a number of health qualifications.

Learn more about Rev Dr Ian Mavor & Deirdre Hanna

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