Reiki Supports Aikido Practitioners

Great feedback was received by Aikido participants receiving Reiki treatment at the 30th Anniversary camp of Aikido Kenkyukai Australia over the October long weekend.

The camp was held at the Sydney Academy of Sport and Recreation, Narrabeen, NSW with approximately 100 Aikido practitioners from around Australia and several countries.

The camp was led by Takeda Shihan 8th Dan, the Director of Aikikai Hombu Doju in Japan.  It was a significant honour for the three Reiki Australia members, Yvonne Higgins, Jade Brown and Scott Howlett, to provide Reiki treatments to the participants and to watch the amazing use of directed energy during the training sessions.

Due to the nature of the training almost all of their clients had sore knees and/or feet, as well as aching backs, shoulders and necks, and some grazes on their elbows, legs and feet from being thrown on the mats. In all, over 30, 45 minute treatments were provided as well as several on the spot treatments for sprains, grazes and sore knees.

One appreciative participant wrote:

'I had a Reiki session in the middle of a very intensive training session. Not only was it very relaxing, but I found it also very invigorating and useful to gather energy to continue training. I’m very grateful for the generosity!'

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