September 2010 - Popular magazine focuses on Energy healing

It's great to see main stream media promoting the benefits of Reiki.  And, often it's the popular press that provides that important first step, for many people,  towards trying out a new modality that could offer real help that will make a difference.

This month, pick up the September edition of "Good Health" magazine (pictured right) and flip straight to the article,  titled "Good Vibrations", that begins on p170.
The article tells the compelling stories of  three people who found help and recovery from energy healing when nothing else worked.   Three practitioners,  delivering different forms of energy healing are interviewed, as well as the clients they helped.    The article leads with a Reiki treatment success story,  and features a Reiki Australia practitioner.   Many readers will be able to identify with the challenges that beset the client, who tells her personal and moving story, and how she finally found peace and wellbeing through Reiki.

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