Study Certificate IV in Reiki Treatment Practice  Course Code 10346NAT

Turn your love of Reiki healing in to a career as a recognised complementary health and wellness practitioner.

Over a decade, and tens of thousands of person-hours, have gone into the development of this course, which is based on extensive national consultation with Reiki practitioners, Reiki industry groups, health and community facilities, and government training advisers.

10346NAT Certificate IV in Reiki Treatment Practice is currently the only dedicated Reiki treatment qualification to be nationally accredited in Australia.

What will I learn?

You’ll find out how to work effectively in the health industry, ensure client safety, administer a practice, assess Reiki clients, plan and provide professional Reiki treatments, plus much more.. The emphasis of this course is on providing Reiki in a public setting, and does not teach the personal spiritual practice of Reiki, nor sacred material that properly belongs between a Reiki master and their students.

Who is eligible?

The qualification is open to people who have completed in-person training in Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 with a Reiki Master whose lineage of initiation is traceable to the founder of the practice, Mikao Usui.

Where can I study?

Australian Institute of Health and Business Management (AIHBM) is the first Registered Training Organisation (RTO) approved to deliver the Certificate IV in Reiki Treatment Practice. Most course units can be completed by home study, and practical assessments can be undertaken in Reiki Australia-Certified Clinics.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is offered by the RTO for people who have already completed nationally accredited units included in the course.

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