Voices of Reiki - Reiki Jin Kei Do
We are introducing Voices of Reiki to give expression the richness and diversity of forms of Reiki practised in Australia today. The board of Reiki Australia felt it fitting to begin with the practice of Reiki Australia life-member, and founding Executive Director, Lynette Kirkman, who has had Reiki in her life for 30 years.  Here Lynette talks about her practice of Reiki Jin Kei Do.

Reiki Jin Kei Do is a daily spiritual practice that develops compassion and wisdom through Reiki healing and meditation. The Jin Kei Do lineage was passed from Mikao Usui, Dr Hayashi to a Japanese Zen monk, the Venerable Takeuchi.  He in turn trained and initiated another Zen monk Venerable Seiji Takemori, who later trained and passed on this ancient method of healing to Dr Ranga Premaratna, the present lineage bearer (pictured).

Venerable Seiji Takamori had a deep desire to search for the origin of the Reiki and left Japan on a journey of exploration to India, Nepal, and Tibet. After a long search, he found a few monks belonging to a small sect who practised a healing method similar and yet more comprehensive than Reiki. Ranga later named this practice EnerSense.

Reiki Jin Kei Do is a way of being in balance and harmony with the universal energy in one’s own life Jin means compassion, Kei means wisdom and Do is a way or path.  The Jin Kei Do lineage is a practice of Reiki with compassion and wisdom in a balanced way, integrating all three and applying them in one’s life.

Studying these three aspects highlights how the qualities presented in the teachings of Reiki in this lineage apply to its practice.

Therefore as well as learning how to apply Reiki to one’s life, intrinsic to the practice of Reiki Jin Kei Do, is an emphasis on meditation and the development of compassion. These aspects in this lineage also enhance energy awareness.

As well as simple meditation methods Reiki Jin Kei Do students learn and practice purifying breaths. Reiki becomes a way of life rather than another healing method.

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