Raising Children With Reiki

I would never have imagined the impact my Reiki First Degree class was going to have on me, let alone my family.

They were all intrigued with what I was doing at the Nun’s retreat and when I got home I couldn’t wait to get my hands on everyone, especially my kids.

My son had just turned 10 and my daughter was five when I did my Level 1 class.  I immediately began practicing Reiki on them.

Knowing how much it was changing my life already, I wanted this for my husband and our children. The very next seminar my Master was holding I enrolled my son and my husband. Of course I told Greg he needed to be there to support our son;  get them there any way you can!

Only this morning I asked my son what did he remember about his first Reiki seminar. His response was, “it was the same time as the 2008 Olympics”!

After the seminar, and as we encouraged him to practice Reiki on himself every day, we saw a huge boost to his confidence. I remember sitting at his Year Six parent teacher interview, the teachers reading comments from teachers from his younger years commenting they couldn’t believe this was the same kid they taught in his younger years. Reiki had had such an impact on his life.

Moving into a passion for Rugby, Reiki was invaluable on the sidelines of the footy field. He would Reiki himself quickly during the games if he was injured somewhere, hands going immediately to the area without even thinking about it. And of course, I did tonnes of Reiki not only on him but on his team mates if they had an injury. Yep the weirdo Mum rushing to put her hands on and Reiki the injuries!


He’s now 23 and I love seeing him relaxing on the lounge with his ‘hands on’ in the Reiki positions.

The time came for our daughter to do the First Degree seminar. She was just seven at the time, although she had absorbed the Reiki from observing me when I was initiated and easily picked up on the elements. Reiki was just part of life for her. I remember walking her to school one day and I said I had a sore toe. Her response, don’t worry I’ll Reiki it for you. Using her Reiki Second Degree knowledge (unofficial and not initiated), she called in my toe to reiki and the pain in my toe immediately disappeared.

Who needs reiki training!!

However, to set the record straight, we officially trained her in Reiki First Degree.

At the time, I had a few friends and clients interested in their children joining in the class. So we held a kids seminar. What a delight to be part of that experience. They danced, they laughed and they sang at the top of their lungs.

Not a lot changed for my daughter at that time as I’m sure she was already in tune with the Reiki.

But moving forward into school life, friend challenges, life challenges both of my kids turned to Reiki for support and comfort. It made me really happy knowing they had something they knew they could turn to in times of need.

I know they both love it and rely on Reiki, as they have both encouraged numerous friends (especially girlfriends/boyfriends) to join me in Reiki training so they too can have Reiki every day, and when they need it.

I couldn’t imagine my life without Reiki and it has been such an amazing support raising the kids; as we all know there is no manual for that and the Reiki certainly helped us all.

My daughter has now joined me in my Reiki practice and quite often helps me with the seminars.

My babies are both adults now, but they still turn to Reiki and use it every day…..and of course, call on Mum for some extra Reiki all the time.

Natasha Collins

The 5 Principles of Reiki

The 5 Principles of Reiki are principles to live by. They remind you to live a peaceful, mindful life. You can keep them nearby as a gentle reminder, repeat them to yourself when times feel tough or read them when you lose your sense of self.

I have them written in the back of my workbook. I look at them before I start my day and when my thoughts and emotions seem to run amok. You can read them frequently or simply when you need a reminder. The method you choose is personal, there is no right or wrong!

Reading these daily or having them written down doesn’t mean they are easy principles to live by. They are reminders that we are always on a journey of self-improvement and that our journey is a mindful one.

1. Just for today, I will not worry…

STRESS! It makes us sick, it can make us rude or edgy. We tend to worry endlessly. More often than not, we worry over things we absolutely CANNOT control or things that haven’t even happened yet. This worry puts a block in our ki and prevents its steady flow. Not worrying is a tough one and it’s OK to have to remind yourself not to. When you find yourself awake at night worrying or fretfully replaying something in your head, remind yourself that worrying will not change the situation. Worrying CAN, however, cause you to loose sleep, react negatively or become irritable and ill! Instead, say or read the 5 principles and let yourself let go of the worry. Have faith that things will work out as they are meant to. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they will happen the way YOU want them to, but they WILL work out regardless of how much, or little, you worry over it!

NOTE: Everything happens for a reason, LEARN from it!

2. Just for today, I will not be angry

We get angry, emotions happen. Following principle #1 will help with this one! Worry less – anger less! At some point or another we all feel anger. Anger is a natural reaction to some circumstances or situations that life throws our way. It is important to control our REACTIONS when we feel angry. Reacting out of anger typically results in feeling out of control, sickness and a lose of sense of self. It can come with various physical as well as mental symptoms.

3. Just for today, I will be grateful

Can’t think of something to be grateful for? Sure, I get it. Sometimes it just seem EVERYTHING is going wrong! The light at the end of the tunnel seems to be fading!

Go back to the basics and regroup – you are ALIVE! Now you have these 5 principles. Start with being grateful for those handy little reminders. Go back to #1. Worry less and remind yourself that you DO have things to be grateful for.

Today, I will be grateful for being ME!

4. Just for today, I will do my work honestly

Don’t be dishonest – Don’t lie. Something we are taught from youth. This principle isn’t just about being truthful. It’s about integrity! Be consistent in who you are. Get up and GO. Don’t procrastinate. Do your work, live your life and do so with strong moral principles that do not waiver.

5. Just for today, I will be kind to every living thing

Be KIND – not so easy when we are feeling stressed, worried, when life seems to have bitten us in the behind! Ever make a snark comment or say something without thinking and then it hits you? OH! That was RUDE! It happens.

Be MINDFUL. Greet people with a smile, ESPECIALLY when you are having a bad day. Just a smile will instantly make your interaction more pleasant, and brighten everyone’s day. 🙂

You’ll feel better for it.

You DON’T regret being kind. You do regret rude comments, intended or not.

Be Mindful – Be kind

Reading these 5 principles will not change your life today, but it IS a start. Living by these principles are a reminder to find joy in the little things in life.

A reminder that even on the bad days, there are many more good ones.

Find a small joy in your hardest day. Go back to the principles, start with #1. It will improve your mood, relationships and overall, it will change your LIFE!

Amy Squires

With Love From Grace

Dear Reiki Australia, Thank You 💙

I have spoken to many of you, and been a recipient during healing hour, so I guess its time to lift the veil and introduce myself. My name is Grace, Reiki Australia social media manager, and I want to take a moment to express my gratitude because this community has helped me more than you know.

It was shortly after I returned from my South American journey that borders shut down. So I did what all life forms do best and adapted, learning more digital skills and pushing forward. My mum was the one who informed me about the opportunity (thank you mum 💙).  Reiki Australia was looking for a volunteer to help with Instagram, so I threw my hat in the ring, hoping for a chance to practice all I had learnt, and it was the best decision I ever made!

I was contacted by the lovely Amy. A woman with two language degrees, owns her own business, has a wonderful family and is also studying medicine. I did not know this about her on our first interview.  Amy was the friendly face who greeted me and guided me, was there for all my questions and was kind and comforting when I made mistakes, it was only later that I found out how inspirational she was! So first I want to thank Amy and express my gratitude, absolute diamond! I was given the chance to start anew, and was introduced to the Reiki Australia community who would change my life.

I was struck by the diversity, determination, and compassion of the team and members. This was no ordinary membership organisation, this was a group of people who wanted a happier and healthier world, who knew how beneficial Reiki could be, and who realised that to create a better place you needed to create a supportive network for those in the community who wanted the same. The more I interacted, the more impressed I became. I watched as many of you bared your hearts, openly divulged your struggles, and fiercely persevered with determination as the rest of the Reiki community cheered you on. You all inspired me to push on through self doubt, and I finally took the dive and started my own business, Social Grace, providing social media services for those who dedicate themselves to helping others.

My next step is finding a Reiki Master and I am looking forward to learning this practice to better my mind, body, and spirit.

I have chosen this photo to represent my journey, whilst not always easy, the views along the way are spectacular!

One last note. In social media management they often talk of an ideal client. I never expected my ideal client to be my first.

So today, throughout the entire day, I wish to express my gratitude for Reiki Australia.

Facebook   @YourSocialGrace
Instagram   @yoursocialgrace
Web              www.social-grace.org

Getting Better Nurturing For Yourself

Ideas (beliefs) you have thought to be ‘the truth’ can now be seen to be simply the conclusions drawn by a very tiny child with a very limited experience of the world.

Now that you have many years’ life experience behind you it’s time to release your limiting beliefs and allow yourself to get what you need for your emotional, spiritual and physical health.

Consider the following questions:

What are the main ways you stop yourself from receiving the nurturing you need?         

What limiting beliefs underlie how you stop yourself receiving the nurturing you need?

What could you do immediately to receive more and better nurturing?

If you need help to identify and ‘undo’ some of those restrictive beliefs and change your nurturing patterns, find a counsellor or another health practitioner with whom you feel comfortable to discuss these matters. Then discover how great you feel when you begin to treat yourself with the care and consideration that you truly deserve!!  Read More

Where Community Meets Connection – Reiki Australia Membership

Thinking about becoming a Reiki Australia member?

We’d love to have you as part of our community! Reiki Australia is Australia’s leading Reiki network for professional and personal Reiki practitioners. Forward thinking, not-for-profit and Australia-wide Reiki Australia welcomes and honours Reiki practices of all kinds that originate from the teachings of Mikao Usui. Yes! We truly are all-inclusive.

Today, we’ll be sharing with you a few reasons why time and time again, Reiki Australia is the leading choice for practitioner support, education and community. With membership categories for all walks of life, we’d love to welcome you in 2021.

We’re your industry voice

We’re committed to representing each and every Reiki practitioner across Australia through our proud advocacy and awareness raising events. As an association, Reiki Australia will continue to advocate for Reiki to be available where it is needed most – in hospitals, hospices and other community and health care settings. We know the incredible healing Reiki can achieve and together, with our members, we will continue to raise the public awareness of Reiki.

We love to create community!

Even those that aren’t a member of Reiki Australia can vouch for the incredible community we have crafted for our practitioners. Whether you’re a Reiki Master of many years or getting started with Reiki for the very first time, our online community welcomes you.

Our monthly InTouch email newsletter is jam-packed with information about Reiki Australia events, news and latest offers. As members of Reiki Australia, you have the chance to be featured in our newsletter as our ’Member of the Month’ where we dedicate space to telling your story. Our Member of the Month is also featured across our social media platforms where you can share your achievement with your own community and clients.

Moving from offline to in-person, Reiki Australia hosts a multitude of in-person events such as conferences and seminars. These events ensure you can continually enhance your personal and professional development as a Reiki practitioner as well as meet fellow members of this vibrant community. Members of Reiki Australia can enjoy discounted rates to all Reiki Australia events and opportunities to participate in awareness-raising initiatives.

We connect you with your dream customers

As a Reiki Australia member, you can benefit from access to your own online profile, featured on the Reiki Australia website. Sharing your qualifications, treating locations, business information (such as your website and opening hours) as well as your own personal Reiki journey, customers have the ability to find their ideal practitioner and connect with them.

Our online profile is a membership-only benefit that puts your business in front of your dream customers. Ensuring the community is only matched with accredited Reiki practitioners, our online platform supports Reiki patients find a business within their local area and start benefiting from incredible Reiki results, sooner.

We’re passionate about education

As a member of Reiki Australia, you will enjoy access to ongoing education and professional development. Our passion for education stems from our values of professionalism, honour and inclusiveness to ensure that us as Reiki practitioners are offering our clients and each other the very best our practice has to offer.

Reiki Australia offers comprehensive online education courses to assist in boosting business development and confidence. Additionally, Reiki Australia has a comprehensive online store featuring workbooks and online learning resources to enhance your knowledge and practice of Reiki.

In addition to our in-person conferences and seminars where learnings are abundant, Reiki Australia members themselves offer highly regarded training and professional supervision to support your personal and professional journey with Reiki.

We support you every step of the way

From access to insurance, Reiki code of ethics, procedures and committees, the Reiki Australia team supports you every step of the way as a progressive and proactive Reiki practitioner. Our team is available to answer your questions and guide you to the people or resources required to ensure you feel supported and empowered as a Reiki Australia member.

Our vibrant social media community is your own personal cheer squad! We love seeing our members engage with each other online and transform their shared love for healing into lifelong friendships.

Getting started as a Reiki Australia member couldn’t be simpler!

Visit our website to register your interest and start connecting with your new community sooner. 

Visit our membership page to register your interest and start connecting with your new community sooner.

Give yourself the gift of Reiki

As we come to the closing stages of 2020, we pose you this question: when was the last time you filled your own cup?

After a tumultuous year in so many ways, self-care has become more important than ever. Self-care encompasses anything you do to look after yourself and refresh your mind, body and spirit. When we practice regular self-care, we are able to give those around us the love and energy they crave. It is essential for finding a healthy balance in your life and is a powerful method of self-love.

It’s time to start classifying self-care as a priority in our lives rather than a luxury and fortunately, Reiki is the perfect way to do this! Read on as we share how giving yourself the gift of Reiki is the most beautiful form of self-care.

We often turn to self-Reiki when we’re feeling out of balance or disconnected in some way, shape or form. This could be feeling a spiritual disconnection, out of balance because of anxiety, stress or tiredness or even when you’re needing extra support after illness or an emotional experience. As our mind, body and spirit are wholeheartedly connected, self-Reiki can support us in shifting these negative energies and guide us towards clarity and harmony.

Begin by finding a comfortable position. Just like we encourage our clients, find a space that allows you to immerse yourself to total relaxation. For some, this could be laying down in a quiet space, for others, it could be sitting in their favourite serene space. Whatever feels most comfortable and uninterrupted to you.

You can choose whether you would like to listen to relaxing music or indulge in a moment of peace and quiet. This is your moment of self-care; there are no rules of how you prepare yourself for self-Reiki.

Begin your self-Reiki session, using the hand positions you have been taught. Thoughts will wander in and out of your mind and that is okay! Guide yourself back from the thoughts and intrusions and focus on the Reiki. This can be a difficult art to master but accepting that your mind will try and distract you is the first step to giving yourself over to the present moment.

Through self-Reiki, your central nervous system will begin to slow down, relax and guide you to healing physically, emotionally and spiritually. Finding this balance can lead you to discovering a life of less anxiety, exhaustion, more clarity and most powerfully, a greater connection and appreciation for yourself and those around you.

Our 21-day self-Reiki challenge is here to help you prioritise self-care. Beginning January 1st, 2021, we’re kicking off the new year with 21 days straight of giving back to ourselves and filling our own cups. Our challenge is not only here to welcome a more balanced version of you into the new year but create a powerful habit that you can carry throughout the remainder of the year and beyond.

We’re encouraging you to inspire others around you to learn more about the power of Reiki too! Download your 21-day challenge badge and share this as your profile picture throughout the challenge. Engage in conversation about your challenge and how Reiki is available to anyone.

As we know, completing Reiki Level One is the gateway to treating yourself with Reiki. For anyone wanting to get started with our challenge, visit the Reiki Australia website to learn how to get involved and start your journey with this incredible practice.

Creating powerful connections, despite the distance

In 2020, many of us have been separated to those we love by city, state or even country. We have found ways to feel connected to each other despite the distance and Reiki has been a major key. This month, we dive deep into Distance Reiki and how, despite physical separation, we can still support the health and well-being of one another. 

Using our distant healing (or absentee healing), Distance Reiki allows practitioners to send healing energy across time and space. Giving us the ability to heal from afar, Distance Reiki embraces the fact that we are all connected, despite any physical distance that is between us.

Distant Reiki can address any issues, just like our in-person practice.

From overcoming negative experiences, our mindset, trouble with sleeping or physical ailments, Distance Reiki allows anyone across the world to benefit from our healing abilities.

While a Distant Reiki session may be practiced in different ways according to the Reiki form and lineage, the intention and outcome are immensely powerful for the recipient.

During a Distance Reiki session, we recommend the receiver should dedicate time prior to their session just for them. And to Createa nurturing, comfortable and serene environment for their session. This may include switching off their devices, finding a comfortable place to lay and ready to accept their Distance Reiki session. With these pre-session rituals, it helps for preparing their body for the healing energy.

Like their pre-session rituals, it is best if the session can take place in an undisturbed environment. The experiences felt during Distance Reiki vary person to person and from treatment to treatment. Whilst some may feel waves of energy through warmth and tingling sensations, some may experience a sense of deep relaxation, peace, and clarity.

When sending Distance Reiki, we must remind ourselves that we are working for the higher good of the individual and to make positive choices through embracing the energy we send their way.

So, does Distance Reiki mean that we can send Reiki to anyone we like? Well, yes, we can, but it is important to seek permission by the recipient. When performing Distance Reiki to someone in a coma or experiencing illness, we are often guided by our intuition to decipher if our Reiki is welcomed, and permission can be asked as part of the process.

When deciding to learn Distance Reiki, it is important to choose a training facilitator that you feel a connection with. Do your research until you find a Master that feels right for you. Taught by celebrated Reiki Masters that lineages can be traced back to Dr Usui. First and Second level Reiki training is provided by Reiki Australia Masters throughout the year. Reiki Australia has a directory of Members for you to explore. First level of education allows you to facilitate Reiki on family, friends, animals, and yourself with further training available to enhance your journey into Second Degree and Further and into a Reiki practitioner.

Visit the Reiki Australia website to learn more about our community of practitioners, our available training options and how to begin your journey to spiritual growth and enlightenment.