Deepening Personal Development and Spiritual Discipline through the Reiki Principles, with Paul Mitchell


From Saturday 31st Oct 2015 to Sunday 1st Nov 2015
SWARA (Sunshine Welfare & Remedial Association inc.) 101 Park Rd
Woolloongabba, QLD
0407 62 99 88
Price includes
Morning and Afternoon Tea

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The Principles, or Precepts, of Mikao Usui are taught in our first Reiki class. These simple phrases can guide us to learn more about ourselves, our spiritual nature, and about Reiki. 

Are you wanting to invite Reiki to transform your life even more?  Then these experiential workshops may be just what you are looking for. Both workshops place the Reiki Principles at front and centre of our attention.  Day 1 will focus on how you can use the Reiki Principles consciously, to enhance spiritual and personal development.  Day 2 will transform your spiritual attention, so that you can learn more from your daily practice of Reiki, and be more responsive to Reiki guidance in your life.

Whatever your Reiki lineage,  or level of practice, you are most warmly welcomed to this rare opportunity to Deepen Your Personal Development and Spiritual Discipline through the Reiki Principles, with Takata master, Paul Mitchell.

Best Value for Money - $87.50 per day, when you book and pay for both days at Early-bird Price - That's a saving of $45!

Early-bird Price: Book and Pay by 30 September: One day $95, Two days $175

For bookings after 30 September: One day $120, Two days $220

Day 1: What is Reiki teaching me about what it means to be a fully integrated consciously living individual? How is Reiki calling me to develop? 
As we delve into these questions we will explore our personal understanding of what it means to be an authentic, fully integrated person.  What are the filters through which I understand myself: personal, familial, cultural, and the Reiki culture? How do the Reiki Principles offer me a deeper understanding of my true essence in each moment?

Day 2:  How do I understand myself as a spiritual being and my connection to all life?  How do the Reiki Principles strengthen and develop this connection?

We will explore our understanding of the deeper spiritual dimension of our lives and how we can awaken to an ever-expanding awareness: learning to pay attention to what Reiki is teaching us and strengthening our determination to follow this wisdom. The Reiki Principles will again be our roadmap as we awaken to the deeper levels of what they are asking of us. 

About Paul Mitchell
Paul Mitchell grew up in California and entered the Catholic Seminary at fourteen with the desire to become a priest.  At twenty-four he left the seminary feeling that life was calling him to some other form of service.  He continued his education and earned a degree in philosophy at the University of San Francisco.
Paul began his personal journey with Reiki in 1978.  He was initiated into Usui Shiki Ryoho (USR) by Mrs Hawayo Takata, the first person to bring Reiki to the western world. He is dedicated to honouring the traditional teaching, practice and form of the Usui System passed on to him by Mrs Hawayo Takata. Paul travels worldwide teaching, he designs and facilitates workshops, retreats, and intensives supporting the Reiki student community in deepening their practice.

Lunch: BYO, or eat out.  SWARA (Sunshine Welfare & Remedial Association inc.), is walking distance to nearby local caf├ęs.
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