Reiki Enrichment Day


Sunday 17th Nov 2013
Kildare College (formerly Mt Erin Boarding School)
Wagga Wagga, NSW
Price includes
Morning and Afternoon teas

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Wagga Wagga Reiki Enrichment Day

Sunday, 17th November 2013

TIME: 9am - 4pm - doors open at 8.30 for a welcome cuppa

PROGRAMA one day conference for Reiki people!

‘The Culture and Beginnings of Reiki Australia’
Hear the inspiring story of how Reiki Australia came to be from the very heart centred Lynette Kirkman, Reiki Australia’s founding Executive Director. Lynette’s contribution to Reiki Australia’s founding years was coloured by her many years of Reiki experience and the sacredness with which she holds the spiritual nature of Reiki practice across all aspects of her life. What has been our journey and what values do we aspire to?

‘Preservation of the spiritual practice of Reiki’ (Video Presentation)
Understand the fire in Reiki Australia’s belly! What is our unique position as a Reiki membership body? Wendy Watson, Reiki Australia’s current Chairman, has been, for over a decade, at the forefront of the development of standards for the professional Reiki treatment practitioner that preserve the personal, spiritual practice of Reiki. Why is this important?  And why is Reiki Australia’s position also important for Reiki masters and the lay Reiki community?

‘Professional Reiki Treatment Standards’
Do you offer or intend to offer Reiki treatments to the public? If so, you will enjoy this opportunity to become informed by Annabel Muis about current requirements and trends for Reiki treatment practitioners. How does Reiki Australia support Reiki treatment practitioners? What’s new and what is on the horizon? Annabel is the Director of Reiki Australia's Professional Development Team. Annabel too, has worked tirelessly to ensure our practitioners are suitably equipped to meet the current and developing requirements for practitioners within the healthcare industry.

Reiki Sharing: As always at Reiki Australia events

Discussion Panel -   This is your opportunity to ask questions of the presenters and other key Reiki Australia people. Enjoy the stimulation of rich, thought-provoking discussions that have been generated by questions from the floor.

COST:   $35 for Reiki Australia members     $65 for Non Members
Please Note:  Attending non members who subsequently apply within 2 weeks of the enrichment day will have their one off application fee of $35 waived. This is a great opportunity for you if you have been considering joining Reiki Australia to learn more about us in a dynamic and experiential way.  

Reiki Australia Members can earn CPD points for attending these events.

You have two options to register: Buy your tickets right now with your credit card by clicking the 'Eventbrite' button below or use the 'Email Organiser' button above to request your registration form from the office with other payment options.

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