Healing Your Family Tree with Reiki - Facilitated by Marta Getty


From Friday 28th Jul 2017 to Sunday 10th Sep 2017
Beeliar, WA

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Healing Your Family Tree with Reiki (HFT) has been developed for many years by Reiki Master Marta Getty. The distance treatments of the Reiki second degree are the sacred tool of this program.  Time/space is bridged.   Healing takes place far into the past. Wondrous dreams, sudden remembering, conversations never thought likely with family members, or a clear change in attitude towards life, are all possible results.  For those who hear a calling from the deeper awareness of humanity, this is an opportunity to join the natural, inner shifts of wholeness within self and family.

“HFT is about profound and deep recognition of yourselves and your roots”

Every human being carries the inheritance of past generations.  Not only physical characteristics, but also feelings, illnesses, life's events, and spiritual and social convictions, reside in our cellular structures. In every generation there may be something unfinished or unknown that can continue into future generations until a family member realises that deep healing work is needed. In this process, healing or moving into wholeness for ourselves, our families and our world does not mean eliminating wounds, but discovering what the contexts are and understanding the inherent gifts. The family patterns can be reconciled as part of our human experience, relieving guilt, blame, and pain, and bringing forgiveness.  As the energetic family tree emerges, Reiki is a reconciling force that can give the family members a new way of being connected and relating to each other.

Marta Getty draws on her wisdom and vast depth of experience from sitting in circle with Mrs Takata, Phyllis Lei Furumoto and many other elders in the community over the last 38 or so years. She brings not only her light, her laughter and her energy to the circle, but also that depth of knowledge and experience to fully support the HFT group through the processes.

Healing your Family Tree with Reiki (HFT) is deeply personal work!

Seminar schedule includes both weekends - Friday pm through to Sunday pm

July 28 - 30 & September 8 - 10, 2017

During the six weeks between each weekend, there will be daily assignments with another group member doing distant treatments, plus Marta's support via Skype or email, telephone or FaceTime

Cost $1295 (Early Bird $1245)  $250 will secure a place in the circle

Payment plans are available.

For further information and to secure your place in the circle, contact Christine Bone via email or phone

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