Reiki Share Day Moranbah, QLD


Saturday 21st Jun 2014
Girl Guides Hut
Moranbah, QLD
Price includes
Morning & Afternoon tea. Please bring some fingerfood to share.

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Our organisers in Moranbah are getting ready for their second Reiki Share Day on Saturday, 21st June 2014 at the Girl Guides Hut in Lawrence Street in Moranbah.

This Reiki Share Day will be a very special one!
The Reiki community will be celebrating the 8th World Reiki Wave on this day. Starting in New Zealand, each country will begin to send Distance Healing (Reiki) at 12 noon - for ½ hour and it will move across the world for 24 hours, sending Reiki to those who wish to receive. Please bring the names of those who have asked for healing to be added to our Reiki Tree of Life. This is a day not to be missed!

Doors will open at 9.10am for a 9.30am start until 2pm.

We look forward to spending some time with you. Our Reiki Share days are open to anyone initiated into Reiki - regardless if you are a member or not.

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