Storytelling - Not Just for Kids at Bedtime!


From Saturday 29th May 2010 to Sunday 30th May 2010
Brahma Kumaris Retreat Centre, Frankston South
Frankston South, VIC


If you’re like a lot of people you spend a lot of time telling stories. “Me?! I never tell stories!” you say. Well, whenever we answer “How was your day?” we’re telling a story.

Yesterday Reiki Australia director Bevianne Fitch googled “the importance of telling stories" and got about 1-1/2 million links! Many of the links led to articles about the value of storytelling as it relates to health and connection.

And that is exactly what the upcoming Reiki retreat is for: Health and Connection

Health – on all levels; we all know that’s what Reiki supports. So we’ll be having lots of Reiki!

Connection – real, solid, hugging-if-desired connection! And plenty of time for sharing our Reiki stories. So we get to know each other and ourselves better. Making those connections that expand our networks, which in turn, contribute to our good health.

So we’ll have time to tell our Reiki stories and hear others’ Reiki stories. We’ll give and receive lots of Reiki; have wonderful meals; have time to rest, relax, recharge and play. All in a nourishing 20 acre bushland oasis. All the details are available on the booking form.

Bookings for this event are now closed.

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