The Essence of Reiki - Australian tour by Hiroshi Doi


Monday 10th Sep 2007
Sancta Sophia College, Camperdown NSW
Camperdown, NSW


Gendai Reiki Network Australia is proudly sponsoring Hiroshi Doi’s September 2007 tour.

Whether you are an experienced practitioner or simply hoping to learn more about Reiki and it’s origins, you are warmly invited to attend.

The tour consists of a Seminar and Master workshop by Hiroshi Doi, who will be accompanied by Hyakuten Inamoto. The Seminar is open to anyone interested in or practicing Reiki. The Master workshop is open to those who have been attuned to Master level in any lineage.

Members of GRNA and other Reiki Associations are eligible for a discount in recognition of the gift of Doi sensei’s teachings.

Bookings for this event are now closed.

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