Acacia Rose



I am a Reiki Master, Medical Intutive, Heartful Life Career & Wellness Coach, Artist, Writer and Heart Philosopher.
In a Reiki Heart Session I support people to connect more consciously with their Heart and intuition in order to gain greater emotional intellegience and clarity about their heart, mind, body, health and life.

My Journey

As an intuitive, Reiki provides me with a wonderful framework to enhance my natural abilities and to help support and promote my clients health, life force and intuition.

Please visit my website for a more detailed description of my training history and wellness journey.

My Vision

My vision is for a more heartful world. I would like to see people embrace their Hearts' more, to put a bit more Heart consciousness into everything we do- from how we speak, think, act and love ourselves, to more Heart in business, politics, international relations, and the health and wellness industry of growing health. I believe Reiki is one of the keys to this being possible. The more people who can experience the loving healing effect of reiki, the more people can feel their Hearts, the more people can choose to live like this all the time.

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