Alan White

Practitioner  &  Master
Accredited Reiki Treatment Practitioner
  • Usui Shiki Ryoho


As well as teaching Reiki and offering Reiki treatments, I am a qualified counsellor and nutritionist, with a keen interest in promoting men's health and wellbeing.

My Journey

My first experience of Reiki was a treatment from a good friend back in the 1980s. At this time, I was practising as a massage therapist. The treatment raised my curiousity and some time after this I trained in Reiki levels 1 and 2 over a couple of years with Reiki Master Beth Gray, from the USA.

Whilst living in Albury-Wodonga, I became involved with the Albury-Wodonga Reiki Association, as well as assisting in weekly public clinics offering Reiki treatments. During this time, I had the privilege of witnessing some wonderful responses to the healing effects of Reiki.

During the mid 1990s, I undertook Reiki level 3A with Reiki Master Ginny Bydder, from New Zealand. Through 1997 and 1998, I completed my Reiki Teacher training with Ginny and commenced training students of my own. I find it truly gratifying to see how positively others respond to Reiki attunement and bringing Reiki into their daily lives.

I returned to Melbourne to continue my studies in counselling in mid 1998. At the end of 1999, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Utilising natural therapies and intensive work with another Reiki teacher, I was given a second chance as the cancer went into remission. Between 2000 and 2011, I was conducting what is known as "active surveillance" in order to keep myself cancer-free.

In February 2011, after regular testing showed that the prostate cancer had returned and was deemed to be aggressive, I had robotic surgery to remove the gland. No further treatment was required and I am now fit and well again.

I consider Reiki to be an integral part of my practice – whether that be natural therapies or counselling – as it proves to have a profound calming and relaxing effect on people.

For the past three years, my wife and I have been holding monthly Reiki Gatherings for my past students. Each Gathering begins with a heart attunement and then proceeds with “Round Robin'' Reiki sharing. Everyone leaves feeling calm, centred and balanced.

I believe that it is important for potential Reiki students to know the Reiki lineage of the teacher. In my case, I trained in Levels 1 and 2 with Beth Gray (from the USA). Beth had been trained by Mrs Takata, who in turn had been trained by Dr Hayashi, who was taught directly by Reiki's founder, Dr Usui.

I undertook my Reiki teacher training (Master Level) with Ginny Bydder (NZ). Ginny was trained across all main Reiki lineages, including the Eastern Lineage, Tibetan, Radiance and Alliance. She brought a great perspective of the broad Reiki teacher training.

My Vision

I would like to see all future natural therapists and counsellors include Reiki as part of a holistic approach to healing.

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I also practice

  • Traditional Chinese Massage
  • Hawaiian Huna Healing
  • Nutrition
  • Feng Shui
  • Primordial Sound Meditation
  • Counselling

I'm a member of

  • Australian Traditional Medicine Society