Alexandra Collier


Reiki is a simple yet powerful healing modality, all you need is a heart full of love and hands that are willing to serve.

I joined Reiki Australia for my personal growth, development, self care and personal wellness support. I am currently still on my journey to becoming a Reiki Master / Teacher, so I am taking one day at a time to flow and encourage awareness.

The best health insurance is learning how to listen to our bodies. Reiki is the perfect gift and has given me the tools to steer my life journey in a more meaningful way.

If you are interested in completing a Reiki course in the Darwin area, please contact me through this page for more information.

My Vision

IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU…Recharge Energise Learn Accept Xcel

As a Practitioner, I adhere to client confidentiality; inform clients regarding their treatment options to the best of my knowledge and ability; and fully listen to and help adjust situations in which they may be uncomfortable - both during and after a treatment.

As a Client, please provide accurate information regarding your health, ask questions and feel free to give any feedback and help me to tailor your treatment to best suit your needs.

First Consultation:
Please allow an extra 15 - 30 minutes in addition to your scheduled treatment session for paperwork and a health history review.

Before and After Treatment:
Choices individuals make on a daily basis have a great impact on their health and well-being. To be your own best ally in the process of change, make sure to:
• Rest before and after treatment
• Eat well before your treatment
• Drink plenty of water after treatment
• Actively participate in your treatment
• Wear comfortable clothes
• Don’t be shy to ASK if you have questions
• Relax, Enjoy and Smile 

I request 24 hours notice on cancellations. In the case of a no-show or less than 24 hour notice, a cancellation fee may be charged. Repeated cancellations require advance payment.

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