My approach to providing a healing Reiki treatment is based on client data received during the consultation process. I use Reiki symbols along with intuition to help clients begin or continue their healing journey. If you haven't had a Reiki treatment before, I can answer your questions so you have a general idea on what to expect - experiencing is really the best way of introducing yourself to Reiki.

My Journey

My Reiki Journey began in 1998 when a friend suggested a Reiki treatment to help with my anxiety and stress levels. After the initial treatment I felt Reiki was what my spirit had been searching for and decided to attune to Reiki 1. During my cleanse after Level 1, I began searching for other ways to heal, which brought me back to Reiki and I was attuned to Level 2 and my world opened up. The Reiki symbols helped me to fine tune my own healing and that of my children. When I was pregnant with one of my children, I decided to go the extra step and study & be attuned to Level 3a. This step was the when I began to feel the call to help others with Reiki. Today, I feel privileged to be of assistance to those who seek healing on a physical, spiritual, mental & emotional level.

My Vision

I am happiest when I can see the benefits of Reiki in the people who seek healing. If I can help you to see & feel that there is a way for you to connect to yourself and your higher-self, then my work is done. I look forward to meeting with you.

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