Annabel Muis

My Journey

In 1989 I was given a flier about a Reiki class that was to be held in Darwin, where I was living at that time. Reiki was little known in Australia then and I had no idea what was involved, but I liked the description of a combination of physical healing, personal development and spiritual growth. I enrolled for the class and by the end of it I was sold; I had decided that I wanted to follow this path as far as I could go. I discussed this with my teacher and with her commenced an 'apprenticeship'. I was initiated as a master in 1991.

The apprenticeship continued; from 1991 onwards I maintained a small Reiki teaching and treatment practice alongside my other work, in the Northern Territory and later in Far North Queensland. In 2004 I retired from the paid workforce and have been able to focus more fully on my Reiki practice.

Different and complementary ways of practising Reiki include personal practice with ourselves, friends and family, a professional treatment or teaching practice, and time spent in voluntary contribution to the Reiki community. Each approach has its own particular lessons. My focus has changed over the years, sometimes predominantly personal, sometimes more of a public practice, and currently a mixture of personal practice, teaching and community practice, as I spend quite a deal of time in my role as a project team member with Reiki Australia.

My Vision

I was fortunate to be introduced to Reiki right at the beginning as an approach in which the physical, psychological and spiritual are all components of the healing, or 'wholing', that is inherent within the system of Reiki. This has enabled me to view the concept of healing in a broad and comprehensive way.

While I have always provided some hands-on treatment to others, I see myself primarily as a teacher or facilitator. My concept of teaching has changed over time, as I have recognised that we are not giving the student something that we have and they need. Through classes (as well as through treatments) we assist others to experience a place that was always within them - that place of stillness or 'presence' where healing occurs.

As I have grasped this, my practice of Reiki has evolved to support and ultimately take the place of other spiritual practices that were part of my adult life. My teaching practice also incorporates these ideas, both with new students and with Reiki folks who are interested in enriching their practice, touching the deeper places to which regular practice of a system of Reiki can take us. It is in this direction that I see myself focusing more and more deeply in the future.

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