Annette Sargent-Turner

  • Usui Shiki Ryoho


I am a retired Registered Nurse and still want to care for people.
I am seeing wonderful benefits for Clients who choose Reiki treatments. When energy centres in the body are decluttered and are empowered, our bodies can instigate their own healing, mental and emotional states can improve, physical pain as well as emotional pain can ease and all can be right in the world again. You could be surprised!

My Journey

My dream for my retirement was to have a practice at home caring for people, but I didn't know in what way until a cousin who had been a nurse and also had had a practice at her home of alternative healing modalities said to me that 'you would make a good Reiki Healer'. I didn't know anything about Reiki so set out to research it and found myself on the most beautiful life path I could ever have wished for. Not only can I care for people with this treatment but the benefits to myself have been so sweet. My future attitude has changed and I look ahead with so much wonder now.

My Vision

If we had only learnt about what we really are at a young age we could understand ourselves so much better. But we don't, we barely understand what we are physically. Trauma or emotional upsets and sickness can cause energy centres in our bodies to become misaligned, clogged, barely able to work and keep its part of the body working and healthy and as each energy centre relates to a part of the body, this is where disease can begin. Sometimes you just need a little bit if help to get back on track. I'm here to help people do just that so they can understand and achieve just what their dream might be. That's my vision.

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