Balint Pall

  • Usui Reiki Ryoho


Reiki Master/Practitioner.
I am giving Reiki to my loved ones and to my fellow beings for 12 years now.
My Reiki path has risen from the need when I had to address some major challenge in my life. I faced a point in my life, when I had to change and had to find solution to issues.
Luckily, my flexible mindset abled me to bend with the strain without breaking.
I do Reiki treatment in person and very often, distantly for which I am absolutely grateful.
The distant Reiki treatment allows me to aid my loved ones and anyone in need despite the great distances that stands between us.
During these 12 years, I have experienced wonderful things through the practice of Reiki and I am sure that there are even more wondrous adventures awaiting in the future.

My Journey

My extraordinary experience with Reiki started as a result of a crisis in my life. I searched for help to relive my suffering. Finally, I realised that my troubles were caused purely by myself and that I must help myself. But I didn’t know what to do? “How can I help myself” became a burning question. Around the same time, I also learned that my father had become seriously ill. I wanted to help him on my own way, and as soon as I was initiated to a certain level in Reiki, I started to treat him on a regular basis. These experiences started my journey with Reiki, the mysterious practice of hands-on healing, and my life was spiritually transformed.
In May 2007, I received my initiation to Reiki level 1. Since then my capacity to care, listen, and love selflessly has blossomed. Nothing is more wonderful than to give and receive love.
With the kind help of my Reiki Master I was initiated as a Reiki Master Teacher in May, 2009. I’m profoundly grateful to her for showing me the way, and I am equally grateful towards Master Usui for rediscovering the ancient practice of Reiki.

After being initiated as a Reiki Master, the transformation became even more evident, and the magical side of my existence revealed itself to guide me onward.

My Vision

I believe that we all could and should cherish love that is the basic of our being and be compassionate towards everything around us.
I would love to see a more balanced world where we can solve our challenges and would progress toward a bright future.

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