Belinda Chapman

  • Usui Reiki Ryoho


As a Reiki Master practitioner, I follow the Usui Reiki Ryoho tradition, a simplistic and beautiful approach to hands on healing. I integrate the experience of a Reiki treatment through intuitive counselling. Very often, the power of a Reiki treatment is difficult to articulate. While the body understands, the mind sometimes needs to be given context on how we can integrate the benefits of the energy shift into all aspects of our lives. I draw on my strong connection with Spirit, coupled with 23 years of experience across education, case management, crisis counselling and outreach, to deliver a holistic healing: integrated healing that reunifies the mind, body and spirit.

My Journey

I experienced the gift of my first attunement to Reiki in 2011. That subtle experience ignited life-changing shifts, permeating every aspect of my existence and beyond. In 2015, I became a Master Practitioner. I am so grateful for the presence of Reiki in my life, and every time I facilitate a healing session, it feels like coming home.

I personally feel that the power of Reiki lies in its simplicity: it is pure and simple Love which encourages the will of the receiver to initiate their innate self-healing ability, while the Reiki brings them clarity and makes them feel supported in the healing journey ahead.

I lived in Japan as a 15 year old, and have always had a very strong connection with the country. I returned to Japan in 2016, and took part in Reiki shares and classes with traditional masters. As a result, my style of Reiki has became very simple and pared back. The power of Reiki is such that I surrender to the energy and know that it will find its way to wherever it needs to go.

Please join me in Palmwoods and let us take this next step in your journey together. It is always the right time to receive a Reiki Ryoho treatment.

My Vision

Reiki is there for everyone to access. To know that such a gentle and non-invasive healing modality can affect change on such a profound level gives me great faith for our future. Bringing more love to the Earth plane is fundamental to us creating lasting change as stewards of our planet.

I honour my amazing teachers, Kaatheryn Tempest and Christine Maudy, for their wisdom and respect for Reiki, and for the invaluable lessons they have passed on to me. I hope to share Reiki with many, many beings for all my years to come.


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