Carla Atkinson

  • Usui Shiki Ryoho


I was originally a Marine Neuroscientist!…
Coming from an incredibly scientific background I always search for answers to my questions, and I have always strived to better myself and understand myself.

You may read from my journey below, that this has been a development over the years and one that Reiki has helped me to fulfill.

My passion is to help people with their health issues and I aim to make them ...feel good from their CORE!

My business offers various treatments to allow me to treat the body holistically including Reiki (Reiki 2 Practitioner), Remedial/Sports Massage, Functional Nutrition and Wellness Counselling (involving lab testing to hone done stressors in the body to understand why you may be experiencing various health issues, and allowing me to identify healing opportunities for you), as well as bits of beauty treatments including manicures, pedicures, lash/brow work, and waxing.

I would love to work with you sometime!

My Journey

My journey is one of self-discovery. It is long with ups and downs, moments of confusion, excitement, and procrastination! I share it with you here purely as a way of opening up and hoping to connect with you more…maybe helping you see that things don’t always go to plan, but that there is always a lesson to learn and growth to follow that ultimately leads to the best version of you.

I started my career per se, as a Marine Biology/Oceanography student with a passion for marine life, especially sharks. I gained a love for research and completed an MSc in Marine Biology and PhD in Marine Neuroscience, which ultimately brought me from the UK to Australia. My research was in sensory biology and focused on gustation (taste). During my PhD I also tutored physiology and medical undergraduate students in the School of Biomedical Sciences, as well as the School of Biological Sciences at The University of Queensland, Australia. I had always considered staying in research, but for various reasons, I decided that academic research was not the path for me. I have always been ambitious with a goal to work towards but now I found myself at the top only to realise that it wasn’t what I wanted. This was a huge period of conflict for me and being the self-critic and perfectionist that I am, this made me feel incredibly disappointed with myself and unfulfilled. I longed to find something that I could get passionate about and progress and develop with.

After battling anorexia in my teens, I learned to find myself again and since then have been interested in my own health and wellness. I also have scoliosis and back pain, went vegan for a year, and have battled a gut parasite called Blastocystis hominis, all which I have researched extensively to heal myself and feel my best. This journey combined my love of research and physiology with health and wellness and sparked a new passion in me, which lead me to complete a Cert. IV in Massage Therapy and a Diploma in Remedial Massage as well as an Advanced Certificate in Nutritional Counseling. The more I learnt, the more I felt I needed to share this information in order to help people heal themselves and feel their very best. From this new found drive and motivation my Instagram feed and blog began and my business began to build.

During my health research I discovered Functional Medicine and in particular Functional Diagnostic Nutrition. I wanted to help myself, family, friends and everybody I met to feel their very best and by becoming an FDN practitioner I felt that further developing my skills and passion to support the body’s foundation, reverse dysfunctions, and allow the body to heal itself, would really help me to achieve this goal.

I then suffered a miscarriage, the absolute hardest time of my life to lose my beautiful baby boy at 17+3 weeks. I had been meditating for a while when this happened and was developing my interest and knowledge in alternative healing practices including aromatherapy and crystals. This is the time I also became a Reiki Practitioner, something which I had considered on occasion previously but which now seemed a perfect time to pursue. The power of Reiki astounded and continues to astound me daily. It is not only energy healing but it is a way to master yourself and truly learn about and connect with yourself. I am a very scientific, practical person but I have developed a real spiritual connection and understanding of the power of the mind, which fascinates me. It is something that has certainly helped me heal from a very deep grief.

Going through this period of deep grief made me really assess my life and strive for my dreams and goals sooner. Myself and my partner decided to move from Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast to pursue these dreams and I now find myself living near the ocean I love so dearly, with a devoted partner that is now my fiancée, and a career I am truly passionate about.

My Vision

Reiki is now part of my daily practice and I recite and try my best to live by the Reiki principles each day, which I believe is an activity we can all benefit from.

My mindset and positivity has certainly changed for the better and life is no longer a daily battle for me.

I believe Reiki will present to you at the moment in your life that you need it most. If you are getting lots of signs that are directing you on this path then I urge you to fulfil that and arrange a treatment with the practitioner you most resonate with.

I truly believe in this magic and feel positive you will have a most beneficial experience.

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