Carolyn King

Practitioner  &  Master
  • Usui Reiki Ryoho


Carolyn is passionate about empowering and educating others on increasing peace and happiness in their lives. She is a Reiki Master, Kinesiologist, Author, Speaker, Workshop facilitator and Meditation facilitator.
Sessions with Carolyn can be purely Reiki or can be a fusion of the different modalities she has studied at the request of the client.
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My Journey

Carolyn first studied Reiki in 2003. She immediately feel at home with the energy and began providing Reiki for family and friends. In 2017 she completed her Reiki Masters and has already run numerous Reiki workshops.
She has seen just how powerful the healing energy is and how much of a change it can make in someone's life.

My Vision

Carolyn's vision for Reiki is to have it accepted in hospitals and aged care facilities as well as schools. It has such a calming and balancing affect that everyone should benefit from it's healing energies.

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