Cheryl Coleman

Practitioner  &  Master


I am a Reiki Practitioner & Master/Teacher with 16 years experience within this field. I qualified as a hypnotherapist in the UK in 1998 and recently underwent retraining to update my knowledge and skills. With a keen interest in learning I have always enjoyed adding to my skills to enhance the healing experience for each individual with other complementary therapies. I pride myself on 'implementing the support and tools unique to people's individual needs to change their lives.'

My Journey

My journey with Reiki started in May 2001 when I received my first Reiki attunement in the UK. After a year of working on my own self development using Reiki as a daily practice, I felt ready to take the next step and was initiated into Second Degree Reiki in August of 2002. This was a wonderful progression leading to taking responsibility not only for myself but also being able to hold the loving exchange of Reiki for others. This was truly humbling for me. It was with the greatest of pride in 2004 that I received the Degree and Proficiency of Reiki Master/Teacher. It was with pure love, gentle guidance and encouragement that I was nurtured through this beautiful journey of awareness and healing by my Master/Teacher 'Gerald Clark,' my Father. For him and all Master/Teachers and Practitioners past, I feel truly blessed and honoured to be able to continue to share with love for others.

My Vision

My vision is to see 'Reiki' as a house hold name known to everyone. Also that this gentle and loving exchange is recognised as a respected complementary healing art available not only in private practice but in every medical establishment across the world.

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