Christine Bone


I have a deep abiding gratitude for Reiki and the way it supports us, and in particular for the way it has supported me and continues to support me in my life. I have 26 plus years experience as a Reiki Practitioner and 23 years as a Reiki Master. The honour of sharing this magical gift we call Reiki with students continues to bring profound joy. Now days there are many forms of Reiki and the form I teach is Usui Shiki Ryoho.

My Journey

The death of my Father in 1978 triggered a more conscious exploration of my spirituality. Nine years later, in 1987 when my Mother died, signified another step in this exploration as I struggled with the grief of her death. My Yoga teacher, who specialised in grief counseling, was also a Reiki practitioner..... And there began my journey with Reiki.

Reiki became a healing tool in assisting me with emotional stability whilst dealing with the grief process. It became the tool that gave me strength and stability to remain in a challenging relationship and make the changes required within me. Much, much later on Reiki again was the healing tool that assisted my family and I through further processes of change.

In 1992, some 5 years after my first introduction to Reiki, I discovered I could learn this healing art myself....and there began a whole new journey that has continued for the last 25+ years and continues today. During that time, I have been fortunate to sit in circle with many elders in our community, and gained valuable insight and gifts to share with my students and clients.

Other roles I have held in the Reiki community
• During my Master Candidate years I held the role of WA “Reiki In Service” Coordinator – A very humbling experience of supporting people with life threatening illnesses and their families whether that was in their homes or in hospital
• Founding Member of Reiki Australia - I was part of the initial consultative process that explored having a National Reiki body inclusive of all Reiki Lineages..It was an honour to share with some very special people the beginning process of URPA that transitioned into the now very successful Reiki Australia
• Held the role of “Support Line Coordinator” for The Reiki Alliance for nearly 4 years

My Vision

To share this wonderful gift we call Reiki with all who a drawn to seek more from themselves to bring themselves to wholeness and to support them in their daily lives. We have no idea just what we are saying yes to when we decide to take a Reiki is wondrous....and as a Reiki Master, to share that wonder with our students is an honour and a privilege. Why would we not then want to share this gift we call Reiki with the world and all her inhabitants?

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