Christine Grigg

Practitioner  &  Master
  • Usui Shiki Ryoho


Clients are encouraged to read the comments from my current and past clients experiences as to how I have been able to heal them .

My Journey

Reiki came into my life in around 2004. .I had never heard of Reiki before attending a Louise Hay, Heal Your Life workshop. My life had been in a turmoil after some serious health and emotional crises.
I was looking for that special something to help me and guide me on my path . After attending various Reiki treatments I was amazed at how my health and outlook on life had changed. I wanted to know more about this wonderful healing modality .
I started attending workshops and my instructors at the workshop told me that I had wonderful healing hand because of the amount of energy in my hands. Reiki opened the door to a journey of personal healing that was life changing for me.
This encouraged me to continue my training so I may be able to share my experience with others.
As a Reiki Master, I feel very blessed to be able to share this wonderful healing energy with others.

I completed my Reiki training as a Reiki master teacher in 2008, which inspired me to open my own healing room ,adding to my qualifications as a Bowen Therapist, Spiritual healer and Crystal healing practitioner.

My Vision

Reiki is a way of life and a place for the world to evolve in all positive ways. My vision is to be a part of this wonderful healing modality and helping others as others helped me, while continuing to help the world to be all that it can be.

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I also practice

  • Homeopathy
  • Bowen Therapy