Christine Maudy

Practitioner  &  Master


As a Reiki Practitioner my goal is to create a bubble of peace and wellbeing just for you. A moment out of time, which will help you to feel better, will allow you to express yourself without being judged, and to receive the support you want. Each session, in person or through Distance Healing, is customized to your current need.
Some of my clients come to relax and clear and harmonize their energy, some to find support during stressful time, some to get help with specific issues such as chronic pain, insomnia, depression, fatigue, weight gain. Other ones are facing a serious challenge such as cancer, heart condition or diabetes.
I also offer Past Life Regression Therapy, Soul Regression Therapy, Shamanic Healing (Journeying), Mentoring and workshops.
I teach regularly all levels of Reiki. I am committed to give you the best support on your path, the number of students in each class is limited to ensure ample time for questions and practice. Read some testimonials:

My Journey

I have discovered Reiki when I was at a turning point of my life facing difficult issues with my partner. I immediately felt that it was a beautiful technique with lots of practical applications but also a way of life, which will bring deeper change, a more conscious way of living allowing those willing to develop themselves to progress on their spiritual path.

Reiki has changed my life and I feel really blessed to have the possibility to share this beautiful energy and philosophy. Reiki is a very efficient method to live happier and healthier by clearing and harmonising our energy and changing our mind for the better.

I believe that the 5 precepts are as important as the attunements as they have the power of transformation. They are the heart of Reiki. Usui wrote them as a guide to our spiritual journey.

I was fascinated to read that Usui called his teachings 'a method to achieve perfection' and I know exactly what he meant. By repeating the 5 precepts everyday we program our mind to change our reactions and by not reacting to aggression, stress, negativity we become joy, love and peace and affect others around us.
Change yourself and the world will change or as said Gandhi 'Be the change you want to see in the world'.

My Vision

My vision is to share the Art of Reiki and empower people to take responsibility for themselves. I am very committed to the Traditional Usui System of Reiki and I love sharing my passion and knwoledge with my students and clients. As I travel regularly my aim is to share Reiki in as many places as I can. I also love giving Reiki treatments with a deep compassion and respect for my clients. I am always deeply pleased and grateful to see how fast physical and emotional healing can happen.

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I also practice

  • Crystal Therapy
  • Past Life Regression
  • Art workshop

I'm a member of

  • International Institute for Complementary Therapists