Corey Skelton

Practitioner  &  Master


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Hi, my name is Corey and I am a Reiki Master living in Perth, WA.
I practice a number of modalities including Reiki, MFT and Access Bars. I have also undertaken studies in line with other passions of mine including , a Master Herbalist Diploma and Crystal Practitioner Certification.

Upon completing my mastership in Usui Reiki, I registered with Reiki Australia.
This association has some amazing goals and structures when is comes to Reiki and I think it is making all the difference in showcasing how amazing this modality truely is.

My Journey

In 2015 I was not in a good place. The life direction I had chosen wasn’t leaving me feeling satisfied or fulfilled. I wanted to find something else. Something more. I’ve always enjoyed helping people but the thought of going back to school just wasn’t an option. I needed some guidance on what to do. That’s when I was ‘found by Reiki’.

I did some research, the benefits sounded amazing and I thought this may be what I was looking for. I convinced myself to get a session and try it out because, if I am honest, I am a sceptic until I try something for myself.
I couldn’t believe what happened during the session. I felt this warm tingling sensation rush over me, I had pressure in my head and I felt like I was floating. After the session, I was overwhelmed at how relaxed and well rested I felt. I didn’t realise until I got home but I had so much energy I felt I could run a marathon (not that I would, but in that moment I totally could have).

The next day it was clear to me I had to learn all about this and how do undertake a session.
I picked the first Reiki Master that came up (I should point out; it was the same website I had researched when I first researched what reiki was… It was my ‘sign’ it was the right master for me) and booked my Reiki Level 1.
I continued with the same reiki master for all my training and completed my Mastership training in June 2017.

The amount I have changed and grown over these short years has been scary and amazing at the same time. I have had challenges to deal with along the way. It was defiantly not all roses, rainbows and happiness.

But the whole time I have had Reiki there to help nurture and assist me. I now facilitate a weekly Energy Circle, Offer Sessions on a regular basis and have started to develop my training packages to offer Reiki to others.

My Vision

My vision is to help as many people with Reiki as I can and pass on the traditional teachings in the purest form possible.
This modality has an amazing origin story that is backed up by all the advancements that it has made in modern times. I look forward to being at the forefront with Reiki as we step into this new age of discovery.

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