Corey Skelton

Practitioner  &  Master


Mystic Energies aims to show people that the energies of the planet and beyond are available to all and are ready to guide and heal you.
We are all on our individual awakening journeys of self discovery as we move towards a more collective consciousness.One of the main energies I work with is Reiki. This is a beautiful healing energy which can help to heal numerous emotional and physical injuries. As a channeller and practitioner of the energy, I find it very natural to work with and would recommend it to anyone.

I discovered Reiki after wanting to do more to help people. Since I have been using Reiki I have noticed a huge change in myself along with the clients I work with.

My Vision

My vision is to help as many people with Reiki as I can and pass on the traditional teachings in the purest form possible. I will seek out and test information and stories before offering the knowledge I have gained to others.

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