Craig Robson

  • Usui Shiki Ryoho


Reiki Practioner - Spiritual Guy - Yogi and love my meditation times.
Down to earth - Grounded Guy - Open to all things including sharing my one on one experiences with you and helping you on your journey and becoming apart of it. Namaste

My Journey

Reiki has been amazing for Me, I have see plants blossom for the first time in years and the results of self healings on myself. I enjoy creating a safe, peaceful and nurturing environment to welcome and allow for people to experience the healing power of Reiki while feeling safe and at peace while being in a meditative state.

My Vision

Working with people Healing them and being there results and the surprises on their faces when they have had a Reiki Treatments.
To work in Palliative Care and assist in comforting the souls that are heading into their next journey.

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