Debbie Fidler (Vanamali)



Vanamali Debbie Fidler is a highly intuitive and compassionate healer.
With love, Vanamali gently assists her clients to journey back to peace, happiness and good health.
With compassion, Vanamali helps her clients release all that prevents them from living with abundance, joy and empowering relationships.
The pure essence of Vanamali is love. The literal meaning of Vanamali in the Hindu tradition is “garland of flowers” and Vanamali is one of the 1000 names of Vishnu. The embodiment of Vanamali is the giving of soul self to serve and assist others on their spiritual journey. It is the expression of joy and peace. It is compassion and heart space. It is being there and helping another walk through the spiritual doors that wait for greater self-love, self-acceptance and hope.
Vanamali is the spiritual name that was given to Debbie by her mentor and teacher Savitur Dhanvantre.

Shanti Spirit is a spiritual website that has been founded by Vanamali. It is an online web store that provides spiritual tools whether that is a statute of Ganesh, a meditation CD, vegan candles or a rose quartz crystal to help you on your journey. The range has been lovingly and carefully selected with your soul’s journey in mind.
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My Journey

My spiritual journey started later in life for me but I always knew that there was something more for me than a 9 to 5 job. My awakening to my spiritual purpose and my soul’s love and joy of helping other souls on their life path was hugely transformational once this become clear and it seemed to me that I once I started, I had in fact always been healing.
I never thought it unusual that I could hear my inner voice and guides and despite the many difficult challenges that I had to face early on in my life, I knew intuitively that the way forward was love. And, if love was difficult, then forgiveness was the way forward. Many of the tools and much of the knowledge I have now I did not have in my 20’s or 30’s.
My first energetic healing session was profound and from that moment my path became clear and my soul’s destiny revealed.

My Vision

You may choose to journey alone. You may find solace and peace in meditation. You may find grace in the healing company of similar souls to yourself. Or you may need a loving hand along the way. Whatever path you choose my soul being is there to assist.

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