Debbie Murr

Accredited Reiki Treatment Practitioner
  • Usui Shiki Ryoho


The vision and values of Reiki Australia are in line with my own, and I take an active role in managing the accounts, which I've done for several years. I also enjoy working with the lovely team of people who are actively involved in the operation of the organisation, and who share the same vision. This is my community practice of Reiki.. When you transact with Reiki Australia I'm the one who usually processes your payments and keeps the records.

My Journey

I was first introduced to Reiki by Coralea Mackison, who was my massage therapist. I had had surgery and didn't know if I could lay on my stomach, but went to my usual massage appointment. Coralea asked if I would like to try Reiki. I didn't understand it, but I trusted Coralea and was open to try it. I did feel better after the treatment and I found the warmth of the Reiki very comforting.

I decided to learn Reiki for myself to do daily treatments. I remember my hands buzzing and warm and wanting to put my hands on family members. My metabolism seemed to change for the better and I found myself becoming more confident.

I was not really happy in my job and was going through not being able to fall pregnant. I decided to learn massage to help clients feel as good as I did. Even though Reiki didn't allow me to have children, it was great for the emotional support I needed. Thankyou Reiki!

A few years later I got calcification in my right shoulder which I believe was my lesson of trying to do too much. I was working a part time job, doing massage and Reiki treatments, as well as trying to help my husband in our own business. Once I left the part time job, I slowed down a bit. I have learned to say no occasionally and don't feel bad about it like I used to.

I joined Reiki Australia and became a Project Team member in accounts, and have also been involved with conference planning for the 3rd and 4th National Reiki Conferences.

I couldn't imagine life without Reiki. I have really nice friends and clients who are like family to me.

Thankyou Reiki! Thankyou! Thankyou! Thankyou!

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