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From 2014-2017supporting the Beautiful You Cancer program, as a Person centered Counsellor/Reiki Practitioner helping loved ones who are nearing their final transition in life, bringing peace and acceptance of self – forgiveness – love.
Currently in private practise with as an empathic therapist/Counselor, available for many seeking a re-connection with their Soul self, finding peace and an understanding of their life - their "part of the jigsaw"
sessions resume January 2019
available 41 spackman lane @Molleys Palmwoods

My Journey

My Journey into spiritual awareness I believe started a very long time ago. I was about 8 or 9 years old and experienced a vision of an angel, in real time not dream time and was soon to experience the loss of my sister when I was 15, she was 19 years old. I began a journey, a lifelong search to understand the mysteries of life. As a young girl, I was taught and guided by the Mercy Nuns of StMarys and sacred heart college. There was an inner drive even then to help many people assisting my mother in the homes of those who were reaching out for help, who were experiencing emotional, physical and mental challenges in their lives
To satisfy my inner need to understand the mysteries of life! and the ability to be able to reach other souls to find inner peace and acceptance of self, I continued Learning many healing modalities, In hindsight I now know through adversity comes strength and courage, and eventually a true sense of self. I beleive that one can experience a state of peace, connecting to your soul self by the healing Art of Reiki
I continued as part of the care team for my mother as Mum continued her struggle with cancer. After my mother’s final transition, I became part of a nursing team in a residential facility for 4 years, working within a special care memory loss unit (Dementia), very humbling, receiving gifts of humility, patience, tolerance, empathy, my heart expanded with these gifts. I continued learning with a Diploma of Counselling as I felt the missing component in nursing was the time to be able to sit and talk to residents/loved ones, to hear their story, their rich tapestry of life, supporting their selfacceptance, love and healing from a holistic view, mind/body/spirit.
I joined a meditation/devlopment group, once a week held by a Reiki Master/Teacher back in 2006. and I experienced for the first time a Reiki treatment....the peace and tranquillity I felt after a session was amazing...and I eagerly lined up for my energy healing session after our weekly meditation to heal my wounded soul self; it seemed to balance my body’s energies; and promoted a state of total relaxation. It brought a mental balance and clarity to my over thinking, the art of just letting go and receiving, allowing energy to disperse throughout my body was such a healing experience. I wanted others to experience. I gained my certificate in Reiki 1 and 11 in 2009 and completed my Reiki Master level 2 years later in 2011
I saw the benefits of Reiki, : Reiki/spiritual energy healing brought clarity, an awareness of problems that had been repressed and much long held on emotions surfaced.. needing to be voiced and healed...Reiki became a very important part of my client soul connect therapy sessions with combined healing modalities, an integrated approach with narrative therapy; person centered and solution focused counselling;
Grief and loss - spiritual counselling
When Reiki is administered, a person is brought back into a state of unity with the harmony of the universe. It is felt on a very deep cellular level, leaving a person in a deep state of peace; stress Free- which is the right environment for the body to heal.
I believe long held on emotions cause an imbalance within the body, energies are blocked and eventually an illness will present itself physically.
One does not have to have a problem to experience Reiki, it is a healing art for relaxation, an energy that balances ones equilibrium, there is a shift in consciousness, the body feels energised, balanced and a feeling of lightness.

My Vision

To continue practise and continue to grow within my self and then; to teach this art of living, incorporating the 5 precepts of Reiki on a daily basis; Helping people to connect with their soul self/higher self through the healing art of Reiki; bringing peace, balance and harmony, to empower.

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