George Patounas

Practitioner  &  Master


Reiki Master- Practitioner, Acupressure, 30 + yrs practicing many healing modalities & ancient meditations. Wanting to know more, I then studied the human body, using Isometrics to heal, and then signing for a Degree course in Acupressure, Chinese Massage, Herbs, Acupressure and Chi -Energy.

I could could see the power of using hands to heal, soothe and help others. I am very fortunate to have practiced these skills and combined them with Reiki , Mastering these skills in Australia and throughout Europe. During my travels, I studied Pellowah, and Sound Healing, Meditation and have incorporated this into Lemurian Healing. It was over in Europe that It all made sense, and i fully understood what is Hands Healing, Harmonics and how it all ties in together. I can explain to you in simple terms how Reiki works, It is not complicated. I am able to fully harness the energy around us during Therapy sessions. It is not magic, it is simple Geometry.

One of these places I visited was established over 300 BC, I lived with the locals for over four months absorbing the energy from the mountains, trees and climate. The energy and light was something, living off pure mountain water, fresh food changed my understanding of Life. In my travels I visited many monasteries and gained a better knowledge from Monks and one particular Abbot on light and sound healing.

What I find the most amazing experience, is the transformation of the person in front of me during and after therapy, the results have been truly amazing. Each person gets out of Reiki what the body needs at the time.

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My Journey

I stumbled across Reiki and instantly knew this was what i needed to pursure further, i was drawn to this ancient therapy. I enrolled in Reiki I & II a week later.

Something was unlocked in me and I could feel the full force of the life and energy flowing through my heart and hands and body. Amazing vibration and light energy formed within my body, everything was different and new to me. I now knew that i had to complete my Masters training, it was a path that was meant to be.

Finding a Reiki Master Mentor, and after many interviews having to explain what i know and can do, it was then and only then allowed to prepare and sit for the Reiki Master / Teacher training.

Having been attuned to the Masters level of knowledge and understanding, I could suddenly understand how things worked, Universe energy, physics, sound radio waves. Being a trainer in Telecommunications, everything suddenly came to me like a bolt of lighting. It all made sense, it was a very humbling experience to me.

I could fully understand how the flow of energy works within light and sound at a higher Universal level.
I was able to channel this universal energy through me using Reiki techniques during therapy treatment, and with amazing success.
Reiki has opened up much to me, all my years of education, training and life experiences have all come together as one Universal Life Force Energy during therapy. Again, a very humbling experience being one with the universal, everything was now different.

My Vision

Reiki is a life changing experience, and to be experienced by all.

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